What would be a critical thesis statement for "Winter Dreams?"

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You could write a thesis statement which argues that the pursuit of the American Dream is a fool's errand when it is based on external notions of success. In Dexter Green's case, he believes that if he is as wealthy and prominent as the patrons of the Sherry Island Golf Course where he caddies—notably, as wealthy and prominent as Mortimer Jones—then he will be happy. His pursuit of Judy Jones, Mortimer's daughter, is largely motivated by his class ambitions. Notice how, in the story, Judy is often described as golden. At one point in the story, she is wearing gold. She is an object that Dexter covets in his effort to be a member of the nation's elite.

His ambition leads him to attend an Ivy League school on the East Coast, despite having been accepted to a business program at the University of Minnesota. He moves to New York for the same reason. When his business associate, Devlin, informs him of Judy's life in Detroit, Dexter is seized with a desire to go to Detroit and rescue her,...

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