What would be considered the major events in Treasure Island?

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The action-packed adventure novel Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson tells of the discovery of a treasure map followed by a sea voyage to a remote island holding hidden pirate treasure. The book is narrated by a boy named Jim Hawkins. In this gripping novel, Stevenson keeps the pace swift for readers of all ages by unfolding one exciting plot point after another. The author divides the book into six parts, and the easiest way to clarify the major events is to summarize the significant happenings in each part.

In part one, "The Old Buccaneer," Jim tells how an old sailor who calls himself the captain but whose real name is Billy Bones arrives at the Admiral Benbow, an inn owned by Jim's parents. Jim's father dies, and then Billy Bones dies. Jim and his mother go through Bones' sea chest for the money he owes them and Jim takes a sealed packet. Pirates who attack the inn are fought off. When Jim's packet is opened at Squire Trelawney's house, the treasure map of a pirate named Flint is found. Trelawney proposes a voyage to find the treasure with Dr. Livesey as ship's doctor and Jim as cabin boy.

In part two, "The Sea Cook," Trelawney has bought a boat called the Hispaniola and hired a crew with the help of a cook named Long John Silver. As they all board the ship, Captain Smollett tells Trelawney that he doesn't trust the crew that Silver has hired. Everyone knows about the treasure map, though Trelawney was supposed to keep it secret. On the voyage, Jim learns that most of the crew are pirates, including Silver. Jim tells Captain Smollett, Trelawney, and Livesey what he has found out.

In part three, "My Shore Adventure," Silver takes some men ashore and Jim comes along. When they reach land, Jim runs away. Jim observes Silver as he murders a pirate who refuses to cooperate. Later, Jim comes across a marooned, half-crazy Englishman named Ben Gunn, an original member of Flint's crew.

In part four, "The Stockade," Doctor Livesey takes over the narrative to tell how the loyal ship's company abandons the ship and takes up defensive positions in a stockade they find on the island. Jim takes up the narrative again to tell how he sees the British flag flying over the stockade and then rejoins the crew. The pirates approach for a parlay followed by an attack on the stockade, which is repulsed.

In part five, "My Sea Adventure," Jim sneaks out of the stockade and rows Ben Gunn's little boat out to the Hispaniola. Jim manages to set the ship adrift, take down the pirate flag, and safely beach the ship. A pirate named Hands wounds Jim with a knife, but Jim kills Hands with a pair of pistols. When Jim returns to the stockade, he is captured by the pirates that have taken it over.

In part six, "Captain Silver," Jim accompanies Silver and the pirates that are left...

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as they search for the treasure. They find the treasure site but the treasure is not there. The loyal ship's crew surrounds the pirates, and Livesey says that Ben Gunn long ago found the treasure and moved it to another location. After transferring most of the treasure to their ship, the crew sails home, leaving three pirates marooned on the island. Silver escapes on the way. Jim, Trelawney, Livesey, Smollett, and others make it safely back to England and share the treasure.

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There are numerous major events that occur in Treasure Island. Here is a list of many of them:

Billy Bones arrives at the inn.

Jim's father dies.

Billy Bones dies.

Jim receives the treasure map.

Squire Trelawney hires Long John Silver, who brings together a crew.

Jim falls into the apple barrel, overhearing Long John Silver's plan to steal the treasure.

The ship arrives at the island.

Battle occurs between the pirates and Smollett's loyalists.

Jim meets Ben Gunn, a man on the island.

Jim escapes from the pirates, stealing and moving the ship to foil the pirates' plans.

Silver finds the location of the treasure with nothing there, leading to revolt by his men.

After finding the real treasure, Long John Silver, Jim, and the original men loyal to Smollett leave the island, abandoning the pirates there.

Upon returning to England, Long John Silver manages to escape, and the others all enjoy their wealth.

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  • Billy Bones arrives.
  • Jim's father dies.
  • Pew arrives.
  • Billy Bones dies.
  • Jim acquires a map that Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney interpret as a treasure map.
  • Jim, Livesey, and Trelawney plan to get a ship and find the treasure.
  • Squire Trelawney hires Long John Silver and trusts him to get the remaining crew members.
  • Squire Trelawney finds a captain (Smollett) and a ship (Hispaniola).
  • Jim overhears Long John Silver's plan to take over the ship and take the treasure for himself and his pirate crew.
  • The ship arrives at the island.
  • Smollett and those loyal to him fight the pirates. 
  • Smollett and his loyal men set up at a fort on the island.
  • Jim meets Ben Gunn.
  • Jim escapes from the pirates and manages to capture and move the Hispaniola.
  • Silver finds the treasure location, but no treasure is there.
  • The remaining pirates revolt against Silver.
  • It's discovered that Ben Gunn moved the treasure long before the ship arrived.
  • Jim, Silver, and the remaining "good guys" set sail with the treasure.  The remaining pirates are abandoned on the island.
  • Everybody returns to England as rich men, and Long John Silver manages to escape.
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This is a great book, which means that there are a lot of twists and turns in the novel. Let me give you two examples to show you what a major event would be. 

First, Jim Hawkins and his mother find a treasure map in their inn. This discovery starts the novel. Without it there would be no mystery, no adventure, and no antagonists or protagonists. Immediately after this, Livesey and Squire Trelawney charter a ship to get the famous treasure of pirate Flint. 

Second, another significant event is when Long John Silver is able to find a way onto the Hispaniola. Later on he is found to be a duplicitous person. He poses as a chef but he is actually a pirate who is also looking for the treasure. In the end, he becomes the main adversary and gains the respect of the reader. Finally, he leaves with a portion of the treasure. 

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  • Billy Bones arrives at the Benbow Inn.
  • Black Dog, Pew and their pirate friends ransack the inn.
  • Jim Hawkins and his mother open the chest and discover the treasure map inside.
  • Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney interpret the map and plan to go after the treasure.
  • The Hispaniola is outfitted in Bristol and Long John Silver is hired.
  • The Hispaniola sails for Treasure Island.
  • Jim overhears plotting by the crew aboard the Hispaniola.
  • The Hispaniola arrives at Treasure Island.
  • Long John Silver and his pirate crew revolt.
  • Ben Gunn is discovered on the island.
  • The pirates battle the Jim and the others.
  • Jim escapes and captures the Hispaniola.
  • Long John Silver finds the spot of the treasure, but no gold is found.
  • The pirates rise up against Silver, but he joins the others as they escape--with the gold--to the ship.
  • The Hispaniola sets sail with the treasure, leaving the remaining pirates behind.
  • Long John Silver escapes; the others return to England--rich men all.
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