What would be considered 10 major events in Mystic River?     

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1.  Dave is abducted while Sean and Jimmy watch and cannot or do not do anything about it.

2.  Dave is molested before he is set free and this scars him for the rest of his life.

3.  Jimmy's daughter Katie is murdered.

4.  Dave happens to have been at the same bar where Katie was the night she was killed and comes home bloody from a mugging.

5.  Sean is assigned to the investigation.

6.  It becomes clear that Jimmy was a criminal and he still has the ability to get guys to take care of things (for example kill the guy he finds out has killed Katie.)

7.  Dave's wife thinks he killed Katie and when they have a fight about it Dave tells her about being molested when he was kidnapped.  This leads to her taking their child and leaving.

8.  It turns out that Dave had killed a man who was with a young male prostitute the night Katie died, hoping in a way to save the boy (himself) from the molester.

9.  Jimmy and Val go to lunch with Dave, confront him as Katie's killer and kill him despite him protesting his innocence.

10.  Sean knows that Jimmy killed Dave wrongly after they find the real killer and swears to bring him to justice.

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