What would be common things you would show at each stage from cube to atom in a film being magnified   x 10  ?

epollock | Student

I am not sure of the type of cube you are thinking of, but any cube will do. You can zoom in on the cube from many different angles, and if it is a cube of say water, one could focus on and move into the types of molecules that it has. Then focus on the elements and the bonds, whether ionic or covalent. How are they shaped and how do the elements interact with each other? Then for the particular elements, focus on the individual atoms: neutrons, electron, and protons, and how they exactly move around, and how they fill up their orbitals of space. Then zoom in on how they spin, whether clockwise or counter-clockwise and focus on how far they move from the nucleus of the atom. These can all be easily visualized and a great movie could be made of this.

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