What would a character sketch of Mr. & Mrs. Hutton look like?

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While living in New York City, Helen and Miss Sullivan befriended Mr. and Mrs. Hutton.  Mr. Hutton was a writer and literary critic, and because of this he knew many writers.  He lived in his New York City home with his wife, Mrs. Hutton.  Helen spent a great deal of time at the Hutton house, and was able to meet several famous writers there.  

Mr. Laurence Hutton was a kind person.  Helen described her friend as being able to "[bring] out in every one the best thoughts and kindest sentiments" (The Story of My Life, Chapter XXIII).  

Mrs. Hutton showed a great deal of kindness to Helen.  Helen described her as being a true friend.  While Helen was at school, Mrs. Hutton offered her advice when needed.  When Helen was challenged or discouraged with school, Mrs. Hutton wrote her "letters that [made her] feel glad and brave."

While at the Hutton house, Helen was able to meet many famous writers.  The most famous one she met was Mark Twain.  She found him to be a tenderhearted person and an excellent storyteller.