What would be a character sketch of Darcy in Pride and Prejudice?

Expert Answers
mrshh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Darcy is a wealthy man who plays a key role in the book Pride and Prejudice.  When the book begins, his parents have died and he has a younger sister, Georgiana.  He also has an aunt, the wealthy and opinionated Lady Catherine de Bourgh.  Mr. Bingley is his close friend.  His primary residence is called Pemberley.

When Elizabeth first meets Mr. Darcy, she finds him to be prideful and rude.  Mr. Darcy is drawn to Elizabeth despite the fact that he finds her family questionable, and he proposes to her.  She refuses his proposal.

Mr. Darcy explains why he is a prideful person.  His parents had spoiled him, though they had taught him morals and standards growing up.  He had become selfish.  He is also a serious person, and is "not of a disposition in which happiness overflows in mirth" (Pride and Prejudice, Chapter 59).  He tenderly cares for his younger sister.  He looks out for her and wishes to keep her safe from harm.

Lydia runs off with Mr. Wickham, and Mr. Darcy comes to the rescue.  He gives Wickham money and makes sure that he marries Lydia.  When Elizabeth finds out, she realizes that she had been wrong about Mr. Darcy.  She sees a kinder side to him.  He proposes again and they become engaged.

Beneath Mr. Darcy's hard outer shell is a kind and caring person.  His housekeeper at Pemberley sings his praises.  Mr. Bingley greatly admires his friend.  Georgiana adores her older brother.  Elizabeth eventually comes to see his good qualities, as well.