Catching Fire Questions and Answers
by Suzanne Collins

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What would be a brief summary of Catching Fire?

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Catching Fire begins where The Hunger Games left off.  Katniss Everdeen takes her place in the Victor's Village in District 12 as she awaits her victory tour that will take her via train to visit all of the other districts.  An unexpected visit from President Snow reminds her of the Capitol's complete control over her life:

"I will never be allowed to live alone.  I will have to be forever in love with Peeta. The Capitol will insist on it" (44).  

The theme of control in the novel becomes even more evident as Katniss witnesses firsthand the strict and brutal control of the peacekeepers over the other districts. 

As the next Hunger Games approaches, which will be a special Quarter Quell, Katniss learns that she and Peeta will meet again in the arena for a second fight to the death.  Haymitch encourages Katniss to form alliances which could help save her life in the arena. Instead of thinking strictly strategy, Katniss prefers making an alliance with District 3's tributes, Wiress and Beetee. Then right before the Games begin, Peeta confesses in his interview with Caesar Flickerman that he and Katniss have eloped and that she is pregnant:

"As the bomb explodes, it sends accusations of injustice and barbarism and cruelty flying out in vevery direction.  Even the most Capitol-loving, Games-hungry, bloodthirsty person out there can't ignore, at least for a moment, how horrific the whole thing is" (256). 

Katniss' ordeal in the Quarter Quell of the Hunger Games takes place in part III of the novel. Katniss and Peeta band together with Finnick, Mags, Wiress, and Beetee, but the action of the Games is a prelude to the more important ending of the novel, in which the remaining tributes have a plan, unknown to Katniss or Peeta, to destroy the arena and escape from the Games. 



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