What would be Fortunato's perspective if he were the narrator of "The Cask of Amontillado" by Edgar Allan Poe?

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Fortunato would be mainly interested in what there was for him to gain out of Montresor's request for help. Montresor tells him two important things. One is that he bought a whole pipe of Amontillado, 126 gallons, at a bargain price. The other is that he is on his way to Luchesi to get his opinion of it. Montresor has already paid for the wine and had it transported to his palazzo. Why is he so anxious to get an immediate assurance that it is genuine? It must be that he intends to buy more if he is sure it is genuine Amontillado. He says he was looking for Fortunato but couldn't find him, which is why he is hurrying to find Luchesi. Obviously Montresor wants to buy more of the wine before news gets out that it is available at a bargain price.

Now Fortunato knows that the Amontillado is available at a bargain price. He does not want to show any interest in it because he would like to buy up the entire shipment himself. He realizes that it must have arrived in Venice aboard a Spanish ship...

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