What would be a thesis statement using the role of the wife in the story "Cathedral"?

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The wife was afraid that her husband would spoil the visit from the blind man whose name is Robert. Her husband is shy and awkward with strangers, and he is also obviously somewhat jealous of the special relationship that his wife had with Robert, as well as more than a little suspicious of what his wife has told Robert about him in their many communications. As the evening progresses, however, the wife is pleasantly surprised that her husband and Robert are getting along very well. She realizes that her husband has more sensitivity than she had given him credit for. He can appreciate the same good qualities in Robert that she appreciates in him herself. This experience will not only help to develop a three-way relationship between herself, her husband, and Robert, but it will improve the teetering marital relationship that was developing between her husband and herself. Robert's blindness has given him special psychic powers, so to speak. He has learned to see through other people's eyes. which gives him tolerance, sympathy, and understanding. Robert is able to form good relations with strangers quickly because he has had to be so dependent on other people. The visit the wife dreaded has turned out to have a sort of magical effect on the couple.

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