What would be a good thesis statement for analyzing the Beige Book?

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The Federal Reserve publishes the Beige Book as a source for information and decision making for banks, financial institutions, manufacturers, and government agencies. The report, like most reports, is a snapshot of economic activity for a specific time. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is the primary user for the report. It is a fundamental, but not the sole, source for the economic data resources used to predict the future economic condition of the American economy. As you might expect, there is a high level of interest in the interpretation of the FOMC.

In academic research, a thesis statement is usually a short couple of sentences summarizing the central claims of the study. The statement should grab the reader's attention and challenge the reader on an intellectual level. In the case of the Beige Book, summarizing the main points of the study is not particularly challenging, as the report itself is a synopsis of the views of banks collected across the nation. Summarizing the summary probably will not qualify as a great thesis statement! Pursuing other approaches such as developing a thesis along the lines of comparing the current report to the previous will attract far more interest in your research.

The thesis statement might include a statement saying the predictions and responses were accurate or inaccurate. Or, the thesis statement might state the Beige Book has too little or too much influence on the economic decisions business and government make. A thesis statement predicting what you think the report will say and the steps the Fed will take to respond to the issues they identify is another possibility. Challenging one of the assertions made in the report will generate a thesis as well.

Keep in mind a thesis statement is similar to a scientific hypothesis. The objective is to present a view that challenges readers to consider their ideas about a subject. During the research, the study will contain evidence and reasons to support a position, the thesis. Another tip is a thesis statement is a statement, not a question. It is okay to begin your introduction with a question, but the question cannot itself be the thesis.

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