What would be a good thesis statement describing Pearl in The Scarlet Letter?

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A thesis statement is a statement that makes an argumentative point of some kind. It will guide the following parts of the essay to defend and prove the thesis statement. The Scarlet Letter is full of rich symbolism, so I might suggest a thesis statement that makes an argument about how Pearl is symbolic of certain things. For example, a pearl is often white in color. Whiteness suggests purity, and that is odd, considering that the entire community views Pearl as the product of a sinful act. Pearl's name also reflects one of Jesus's parables from Matthew 13, in which a man bought a field at a great price because it contained a single pearl.

That angle doesn't necessarily create as concrete of a thesis as I prefer, so perhaps your thesis could be a more focused argument. Pearl is only seven, yet she acts so much older and wiser than her few years. I might consider a thesis statement that argues that Pearl speaks wisdom far beyond her years, for example: "Although the community views Pearl as a...

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