What would be a good thesis for why Macbeth was a bad leader in Macbeth

A good thesis for why Macbeth was a bad leader may touch on his personality issues, his propensity for mistrust, or his tendency to put his desires above the wellbeing of the kingdom. Macbeth was easily manipulated by the witches and his wife. He distrusted his men and everyone who would have worked for him as king. Furthermore, he endangered the kingdom by killing King Duncan.

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A thesis about Macbeth's poor leadership might focus on his personality or the outcome of his actions. Macbeth shows a combination of traits that make him supremely unsuited to hold high office. These traits, however, make seeking greater authority irresistible to him. When we examine the results of his desire to ascend the ranks quickly, we find a country in disarray. He lacks the talent for holding people together.

Macbeth is ambitious because he is insecure and lacks confidence. He is so flattered by what he thinks is his wife's faith in him that he falls to see that she is manipulating him. Once he starts down the path of commiting murder, he convinces himself that additional murders will solve his problem. He is short-sighted in failing to anticipate both the psychological and practical effects of his actions. Each death takes him further from his goal of becoming a great king. He constantly worries about losing what he has gained. He also does not anticipate that his killings will...

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