What would be a good thesis for Edwin Arlington Robinson's "Richard Cory"?

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A thesis statement should declare what the writer intends to prove, defend, or discuss throughout the paper and make a claim that others might dispute. A thesis statement not only focuses the attention on the primary topic but presents an argument to the reader, which the writer will defend for the remainder of the paper. There are numerous thesis statements that one could write to examine the various literary elements, themes, and writing techniques utilized by Edwin Arlington Robinson in his classic poem "Richard Cory ." The poem focuses on a wealthy man named Richard Cory, who is admired by the lowly workers he passes on the street, and it is told from the narrative viewpoint of the poor townsfolk. Despite having presumably everything a person could ask for, Richard Cory dies by suicide one evening. A relatively easy method for writing a thesis statement would be to explore why Richard Cory took his own life or to elaborate on a prominent theme of the poem. The following are...

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