The Laramie Project

by Moisés Kaufman
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Discuss a social conflict analysis of the play The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman.

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I think that Kaufman's work can be analyzed quite effectively through the lens of social conflict.  The idea of enfranchisement for people who are gay is a part of the dynamic in the drama.  Certainly, there is less of an emphasis on the economic element, but the social conflict approach of analyzing the dynamic between those who are deemed on the "inside" of social and political discourse and those who exist on the "outside" of this domain are all elements that can be fully understood and seen in the drama.  Gay rights and the desire for people who are homosexual to be accepted as full members of a particular social setting are all elements that can be seen as part of the social conflict theory that is brought out through the different discussion elements of the play and the different narratives revealed.  When Marge Murray talks about how the different social conflict forces might converge to construct the reality within which prejudice flourishes, it helps to bring out the idea that the study of the "insider/ outsider" dynamic is extremely important to the drama as well as how the social conflict theory can be used to analyze what is happening both inside it and outside of it.  In this, the social conflict analysis becomes extremely important and essential.

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