Of what would an outline for a paper on child abuse consist?Of what would an outline for a paper on child abuse consist?

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I think outlines are very useful tools for planning essays. Create a good outline, and your essay practically writes itself! I suggest planning the introduction and conclusion sentence by sentence, including thesis. Then plan out the body paragraphs by topic and evidence.
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As with the composition of all outlines, there is much that is dependent on what has to be included in the paper.  These have to be included in your outline as it's part of the task requirements.  With this in mind, I would focus on outlining some basic statistics of child abuse in terms of how many children are actually victims and how some of this data might not reflect the numbers of unreported cases.  Additionally, I would outline some basic approaches on how the issue of child abuse has received more attention, with the advent of "court mandated reporters" and how there is a greater social awareness of child abuse.  I do think that it would be essential to include some narratives of how victims of child abuse fare in therapy to help them cope with the effects of abusive behavior and patterns of negative energy displaced upon them.  Finally, I think that your paper or work should focus on how the definition of child abuse is one that includes different forms of abuse.  It is not merely hitting a child, but also encompassing emotional or verbal abuse and sexual advances towards a child.

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