How can an example of a climate that is not conducive to learning for adult students/employees be remedied by using an andragogical approach?

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In the past several decades, more adults worldwide have chosen to further their education or change careers. Both choices require more classroom hours, and until recently, adults have had to sit passively through traditional college lectures or career-oriented conferences. Unfortunately, this type of environment is not beneficial for most learners, and it poses specific problems for the adult learner. Typcially, the adult learner is trying to work full-time while pursuing more education. If he or she is in a standard teacher-directed learning environment, such as an all-lecture classroom, then it is difficult for the student to apply the knowledge being imparted in the course or practice class-related skills, because adults need relevance, and lectures rarely meet that need. 

However, if adult students partake in an andragogical course, they will be able to "direct" the class or training themselves. Not only will the class be tailored specifically for relevance, but instead of the student sitting passively in a lecture hall learning about teaching methods, they might work with classmates to prepare a lesson which they teach using a chosen method. In this type of classroom, students might even be given the freedom to write the syllabus for the course, basing it on career-driven needs.

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