What would an annotated biblography in MLA format look like?

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noahvox2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In MLA format, an alphabetized list of sources for the paper is compiled on a "Works Cited" page. This page/These pages is/are supposed to be placed on a separate page (or pages) from the body of the paper. The phrase "Works Cited" should be placed at the top of the first page and centered.

The first line of each bibliographical entry should be flush with the left margin and all other lines need to be indented one tab. If available, the author is listed by last name first, first name last. For books, the underlined (or italicized) title comes next; then place of publication (e.g., Boston; New York), publisher (e.g., Random House; Pearson), year of publication, and then the medium of publication (Print; Web).

Johson, Dave. A Guide to Fish. New York: Netting Press, 2009. Print.

In an annotated bibliography, each bibliographical reference should be followed by a brief description of the work and how it contributes to your research. Here's an example:

Agbayani, Benny, and Shayne Fujii. Big League Survivor. Watermark

     Publishing, 2000. Print. Agbayani’s short autobiography, written

     immediately after the 2000 World Series against the Yankees.

For numerous examples of MLA-style bibliographical entries, see the Purdue OWL site in the links listed with this answer.