Gathering Blue

by Lois Lowry

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What worries Kira as she begins her task of repairing the robe in Gathering Blue?

What worries Kira in repairing the robe is that her sparse collection of threads is inadequate to the task. All she has are a few threads that her mother allowed her to use as her own.

Expert Answers

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Kira has been given the onerous responsibility of repairing the Singer's robe. In this dystopian society, the Singer is an artist who sings the Ruin Song at the annual Gathering, a very important event in the life of the village. During his performance, the Singer carries a staff and wears the robe that Kira must now repair.

Although Kira undoubtedly has a talent for embroidery, a talent that saved her from being thrown by the authorities to the beasts, she's somewhat lacking in confidence when it comes to taking on the job of repairing the Singer's robe.

Jamison, the man who defended Kira before the council and effectively saved her life, has now turned into a demanding bully obsessed with Kira's weaving the Singer's robe just the way he wants it. He asks Kira if the supplies she's brought for the job are adequate.

But Kira knows full well that they aren't. All she has with her is a basket of leftover threads that her mother had given her to use as her own. These threads are patently inadequate for the job at hand.

To make matters worse, Kira's not even sure that she has the requisite skill. It seems like the job of repairing the Singer's robe is just too big a job for her to handle.

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