What is the world's economic future?  

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Of course, this is a matter of conjecture.  I believe that the world's economic future is more globalization and more of a rise of developing economies until there is a much smaller gap between countries that are rich and poor right now.

Globalization seems to be here to stay and is likely to expand.  We depend on each other too much right now to simply pull back into attempts at protectionism.  As globalization continues, countries like Brazil and China will continue to grow and move towards rich country status.  In addition, truly poor countries will have more opportunities to move toward "middle class" status.

newbridge054 | Student

The economic crises won't get better.It will force "developed" nations to part ways in terms of common monetary systems.Hunger and falling currencies will set in and the only way to alleviate this is for more individuals going back to agriculture.Governments must also spend more on agriculture and other food production methods and less on security.

gurkharod | Student

Well, everything about future is a matter of conjecture. I agree on globalization, but objectively poor countries will not have more opportunities to move up because industrialized countries are in economic crisis so "the poorest" are suffering its after-effects. I hope be wrong!.