What is the world/culture like in Fahrenheit 451?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Expansion of government powers in Fahrenheit 451 has created a dystopia, a world in which people think they are happy because they don't understand how they are manipulated. There is almost no individualism, and because books are banned, television is the dominant form of entertainment. People don't even pay attention to the news cycles, which warn of an impending war with an unknown foe. Firemen are now dangerous soldiers of the government, tasked with finding and destroying books and even people without any judicial process. Montag barely escapes the society with his individualism intact; his wife Mildred is entirely consumed by the shallow television culture and is killed when the city is destroyed. It is possible that agents of the government deliberately kill Clarisse because of her subversive thoughts and actions. In all ways, the culture is sick and dying, but not fast enough to register in the minds of its citizens.

shizza123 | Student

-dytopian society of the future. 

-books are burned by firemen. 

-anyone who reads/keeps books is a sinner and is punished. 

-censorship (parlour T.V.) plays a major role in brainwashing the people. 

-their goal is to all be the same so noone can be labelled at stupid, smart or genious. 

-people in authority have the skills to convince other people into hating books, but the way they talk is very knowledgeable, implying that they themselves secretly read.

-most people are obsessed with meaningless TV. They barely communicate, but when thy do, it is a bit eary, and mostly meaningless. 

-no real bonds/ good relationships. 

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