What were the working conditions like at the tavern in the book Lyddie?  

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Lyddie does not enjoy working at the tavern because the mistress is mean to her.

When Lyddie’s mother leaves the farm, Lyddie and her little brother Charlie try to keep it going.  Her mother, staying at Lyddie’s uncles, lets Lyddie know that she is going to lease out the land to pay off debts.  She leases her children too.  Mrs. Worthen arranges for Lyddie to work at Cutler’s tavern and Charlie at a mill.

Lyddie is not thrilled with the idea of working at the Tavern.  Before she even steps foot in it, she feels like she is enslaved. It does not help that Mrs. Cutler treats her horribly from the moment she first lays eyes on her.

"Well, I've no time to...

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