What is Wordsworth's tone in "I wandered lonely as a cloud"?

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The tone of a poem is the attitude the speaker seems to be taking toward his subject. Much as in conversation, a poem's tone can be reflective, interrogatory, angry, defiant—there are many other adjectives we could use to describe tone. It can be difficult to establish exactly where tone ends and mood begins, but a good guideline is that the tone is all in the author's language choice and attitude, how he feels about what he is describing, while mood is rather what we, as a reader, feel when we read the piece. In some texts, the mood and tone will be very similar; in others, this is not the case.

In this poem, the speaker is describing daffodils, and the tone he takes toward them can be interpreted from his choice of descriptive words. Before he saw the daffodils, he was "lonely as a cloud," but then the daffodils...

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