What words start with d, x, y, and z that relate to the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray BradburyHelp me PLease! : D

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D- Dandelion: The dandelion has a significant role in the book, because it is part of the scheme Clarisse McClellan used to show Guy Montag that he does not love anyone, that he has been living a life og ignorance to Mildred. Just because you are married it dosen't mean you are in love, for love is an attraction of the soul, not by simple obligation.

X- Xanthippe: This word refers to an ill-temepered woman. Mildred Montag is indeed an ill-tempered woman. She has faked her happiness and overdosed on sleeping pills. Her life is confined to the room with the TV parlour families and her social life is basically in-existent.

Y- Youth: This is a symbol of the truth and of what is real. The only one in this book that is young is Clarisse, and she is the perfect picture of these things.She shows the picture of truth because she always tells exactly what she thinks without a second thought on it. She's the only person in the book who never lies and the only person who is bold enough to question lies. Her youth is also the symbol of what is real; she is always pointing out to montag new things in the world around him that he had never seen before.

Z- Zany: In the novel, Clarrise is considered to be a very zany person. To be zany means you are a comically wild or eccentric person. Clarisse is an individual in a world of carbon copies and for that reson she is set as a loner. Ironically, her school sends her to a physiatrist because she is different, but in reality she is the SANEST person in the whole novel.

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