What words are important to the story based on definition or mental association?I think its asking me to go through the novel Lord of the Flies and look for key words in important situations? Help?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In your efforts to respond to this prompt, consider the main characters and what they consider important. For instance, with Ralph the fire is paramount for rescue and the shelters are important as well. With Piggy, who is the voice of reason and maturity, the proper proceedings for assemblies are essential; for example, any one who wishes to speak must hold the conch.  Of course, Jack thinks he should be leader because he is the head of the choir.  Later, it is the hunt that is essential to him, then the idea of masks as a disguise against the pigs as is the fire, which gives him power over all the other boys once he steals it.  There is also a fascination with the boulder, the pink granite that balances atop other rocks and then falls, crashing into the ocean.  This, of course, foreshadows the large rock that also crashes, but this time it crashes into a human being. Most significant of all words is the beast, with which all the boys are concerned.

Skimming through the novel, checking for dialogue, especially, will provide you the words important to each of the main characters. 

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