What is the word for a type of language that includes technical or professional vocabularies, calculations, or formulas?

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Jargon is language that is unique to a particular profession or area of interest. A person that is using jargon cannot expect to be understood unless they are speaking to somebody that is from that particular field. If a person uses jargon with somebody unfamiliar with the field, that person may feel like he/she is listening to a different language. This is true within my own family. My wife is a registered nursing instructor and she is always using words that apply to the field of medicine. She even writes special symbols and abbreviations on our calendars which really confuses me at times. Consider this actual press release, compliments of PRdaily.com:

“We are continuing our efforts that we began last fiscal year to pursue patent infringers in an effort to monetize the value of our extensive patent portfolio.”

Anybody that is not involved in the corporate world is not going to understand what this means because of the overuse of jargon. The sentence means that the company is going to pursue people that steal patented material.

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