What word did Phillip use to describe the school rules the second time he got in trouble in Nothing but the Truth?

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In Avi's YA novel Nothing but the Truth, Philip Malloy is a high school student who aspires to join to track team. However, he is thwarted from doing so after he gets a "D" in the English class taught by his self-proclaimed nemesis Miss Narwin—a grade that renders him ineligible for participating in the sport.

Out of childish anger, Philip decides that he will do whatever it takes to get himself removed from Miss Narwin's homeroom and English class. He spontaneously decides that the best way to do this is by humming loudly while the national anthem is played over the school loudspeaker in the mornings. This violates the rule the school has set forth that dictates that students behave respectfully while the anthem is played. Miss Narwin tells Philip to...

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