What word choices are used in the poem "Still I Rise" by Maya Angelou? What is the style Angelou uses for her poem?

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The language of this poem is carefully chosen to provoke and challenge. Angelou's choice to address the reader directly, as "you," lends her words more weight: she is asking the reader on a direct and personal level whether he or she is "upset" by Angelou's "sassiness" and her continued "rise" in the face of oppression.

The poem is filled with imagery , but it is not ethereal or unusual imagery—on the contrary, Angelou compares her own rise to the rise of day to day things, such as "dust." Her confidence is associated with "oil wells," a modern capitalist symbol of wealth and plenty. This is a fitting accompaniment to the style of the poem. Angelou's tone is conversational, using colloquialisms such as "'cause,"...

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