What woke Delphine up in One Crazy Summer?

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Delphine is woken up by a loud thump. She had fallen asleep with a copy of the Island of the Blue Dolphins in her lap. The noise is coming from her sister Fern, who's making her way to the kitchen in her little heels. As Delphine knows that Cecile is "crazy and unmotherly", as she puts it, she shakes herself awake and tries to stop Fern.

But it's too late. Fern makes her way to the kitchen, where Cecile is standing guard over whatever it is that she's hiding. Sleepy and sweet-voiced, Fern asks for a glass of water. A simply request, one would think. But nothing's ever simple when it comes to Cecile. She tells Fern to drink the water from the bathroom. Fern replies that the water there is nasty, to which Cecile responds unsympathetically,

Then you ain’t thirsty, little girl.

Clearly upset at her mother's callous, dismissive attitude, Fern proudly affirms that she's not a little girl. Cecile raises her hand as Delphine approaches. Delphine's smart enough to back off, sensing that there are no limits to her mother's craziness. Feeling that she's reestablished control, Cecile then makes it clear to Fern—whom she still insists on calling "little girl"—that one's going into her kitchen.

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