What is The Winter Room all about?I need help on my book report about The Winter Room

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The Winter Room is an unusual novel that lacks the literary element of plot although there is a conflict in the last of three sections. The characters are a mother and father and their two sons in addition to two male relatives, who are the boys' uncles. Section one is in prose but is written as a lyric poem: a lyric prose poem. It elucidates on the power of the imagination in relation to books. The second section begins the narrative (without plot) of what happens on a farm in the varying seasons of a year. It's in ways reminiscent of Vivladi's Four Seasons symphony in that the seasons are celebrated and in that section two is composed rather like a symphony.

Section three is altogether different because one of the uncles takes over as narrator and recounts stories of life on the farm. It is this section that a crisis occurs and the nephews and one uncle stop speaking with each other over a disagreement. The resolution to the crisis comes in the form of a confrontation that teaches the boys about being adults and the uncle remembers and embraces youth in a special way.

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