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The Winter Carnival is Finny's idea. This occurs after he comes back to school in chapter 9. The purpose of the carnival is to alleviate the dreary mood of the place during the winter and war time that the boys live through, not to mention the fact that one of their previous instigators of fun, Finny, is not as capable as he was before. The boys are becoming more and more engaged in the idea that war is the ultimate future for all of them in some shape or form. Even though some of them have great ideas for post-high school plans, the war seems to be their inevitable fate. In fact, this carnival takes place just after some recruiters have come to campus hoping to encourage the boys of the glory of the war. Only Leper was convinced. The carnival ends up serving its purpose of lifting the moods of the boys. After rounds of cider, the boys mood is lifted for quite a few hours.

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