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What is the "Windsor Forest?" I typed it into the search space but there were no results given

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The actual location of Windsor Forest is Berkshire England and it once stretched over most of Berkshire.  It was made famous by many Kings who like to hunt for stag and other animals.  King Henry III had a large fence, or wall built around part of the forest.  It was also very popular with the law breakers of that era.  Robin Hood, the famous robber who stole from the rich and gave to the poor, as well as his band of "Merry Men" lived in Windsor Forest.

Alexander Pope's "Windsor Forest" is a poem written after he and his family move to Berkshire.  This is a moral poem.  He uses the description of the area in which he lives and interjects his observations not only of the land and environment, but also of the values and morality of the day.  He was only 16 when he began the poem and he wrote it in two parts.  The rhyming pattern is aa,bb,cc.  This poem is not considered to be one of his best, however, it is a very enlightened poem considering his age.

"Windsor-Forest (1713) is a thematic studies on beauty and suffering."

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