What does Willy's reaction to Biff's theft of the football tell us about Willy? He says the boys look like Adonises. What other clues show that Willy believes in appearances?

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In Willy's hallucination/memory, Biff shows off the football he stole from the locker room and Willy initially tells him to return it. Willy then praises Biff's actions by telling his son that the coach will probably congratulate his initiative to get better. Whenever Bernard visits and warns Biff to study for his upcoming test, Willy calls him an anemic and asks his boys if Bernard is well-liked in school. Willy proceeds to tell his boys that they will be five times ahead of Bernard in life and calls Biff and Happy Adonises. Willy continues to elaborate on the importance of being well-liked and emphasizes the significance of charisma and appearance in the business world.

Willy's reaction to Biff's theft reveals his lack of parenting skills and delusional belief that there will be no repercussions or consequences for Biff's actions. Willy's speech regarding the importance of personality, appearance, and charisma illustrate his focus on external values. Unfortunately, Willy is unaware that he is failing to instill important character traits and values in his children, which will negatively impact their future endeavors and life in general.

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Adonis was a Greek demigod who was considered the most handsome of all the gods.  He was a model of perfection and unattainability.  In saying that his sons look like Adonises, he is saying that they are perfect models of, in his case and in the context of the themes of this play, the American Dream because they have reached such perfection through their abilities.  Most parents would scold their sons for theft of any kind, but Willy’s reaction is quite the opposite, instead taking pride in his sons abilities and perfection.

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