What is Willy's final solution to his seemingly mounting unsolvable problems. How does he think it will help?

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Willy's final solution is to commit suicide. He has been attempting to do so when the play begins, as Linda tells her sons. His car accidents are bothced attempts, and he already has the rubber hose. Willy believes his life insurance policy of $20,000 will finally bring his family the wealth and success he has always wanted. Apparently, Linda agrees, noting at the funeral that, with Willy gone and the policy delievered, the family is now "free".

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Willy's final solution is to commit suicide. He thinks it will help, as Linda will get the life-insurance policy, and they won't have money problems anymore. He believes he will finally be able to support his family, if only in death. In an imaginary conversation with his brother, where his brother is admonishing him for comitting suicide, Willy says, "Why? Does it take more guts to stand here the rest of my life ringing up a zero? ... And twenty thousand—that is something one can feel with the hand, it is there."