What is William's reaction to Kit when he first sees her in The Witch of Blackbird Pond?

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William is speechless when he first sees Kit. He is taken by her comeliness, and is even more impressed when she smiles at him. William's gaze when he first spies Kit is described as "unmistakably dazzled." It is clear that Kit is very beautiful in his eyes, and that he is immediately smitten with her.

Kit is introduced to William and his mother by Rachel Wood after church. Kit curtsies politely when she is presented to Mistress Ashby, and she notes "with satisfaction" that Mistress Ashby is nicely dressed in a dove-colored damask with gilt-edged lace. Kit is gratified because, after the cool reception given to her in the Wood home and the obvious censure of her clothing there, she realizes that not everyone in this new land "despise(s) vain adornment." When she is subsequently introduced to William, Kit is "braced to meet the reserve and suspicion she (has) encountered at every inroduction so far." When she sees that he is looking at her with undisguised admiration, Kit is relieved and gratified, and "unconsciously...(rewards) him with the first genuine smile she (has) managed (all) morning." Kit is not aware that her plain features become quite stunning when she smiles, but William plainly is, and shows his astonishment. William does not move when leaves him to follow her aunt and Judith, and Kit is touched by his reaction (Chapter 5).

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