What should I include in a portfolio to be shown to employers, and how shall I organize it?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First,  you should think of having two versions of your portfolio, a hard copy and an online one.

For the online portfolio: before you set it up, investigate yourself using online search engines and make sure to clean up your online image. Pictures of yourself chugging beer or dancing in a wet T-shirt at Spring Break won't impress employers. Next, create a professional web page, perhaps on a site like LinkedIn, that will contain more elaborate versions of your hardcopy portfolio with active links to relevant materials.

Print portfolio: The two major parts should consist of:

1) Things you can leave with contacts, including business cards containing your cell phone number, email, and web page address, copies of your resume, and perhaps a few samples of your work.

2) Things you can show to potential employers, and copy or email as needed:

- Academics: diplomas, transcripts, awards
- Resume
- Examples of your work or links to websites of previous employers
- Copies of reference letters or email addresses of references
- Information about extracurricular or community service activities that might be relevant to potential jobs

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