What will probably happen to the rabbit population over the course of a year

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uwais17 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Unlike money, populations of rabbits do grow continuously. The same applies to other animals, people and people. The population of rabbits are dynamic. This means that the population of rabbits are changing in size and demographics.

Rabbits give birth to new babies and when rabbit gets old, gets sick or injured or is affected by drought, fire or hunted by another animal it will die. These all affect the population. 

Mathematically we can use a basic model to determine the population of rabbits over a year: 

`N_t = N_0 + B - D + I - E`


`N_t` : Population of Rabbits (or any other species)

`N_0` : Number of Rabbits at the beginning of the year

`B` : Number of Births 

`D` : Number of Deaths

`I:` Number of Immigrants

`E` : Number of Migrants


If the population is a closed system one can ignore immigration and migration in the above equation.


The population of rabbits can be determined using this formula:

`N_t = N_0 + B - D + I - E`