What will Napoleon suppress in Animal Farm?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my mind, the question is asking how Napoleon's character changes over the course of the narrative and against what ends he defines himself.  I would say that Napoleon suppresses any sort of dissent that is voiced against him.  Napoleon's primary motivation is to consolidate all power on the farm.  He recognizes early on that with Jones conveniently removed from the picture, there is a power vacuum, created in large part because of Animalism's embrace.  Napoleon understands that this is is a ripe opportunity for him to step in and assert total leadership, under the guise of equality, with no one to check his advance.  In this, Napoleon suppresses anyone that stands in his way.  In rearing the pups as his own private police force that enforces his will, he is able to suppress all forces of dissent and potential opposition.  Snowball is chased off the farm when his power becomes too convincing and compelling when rated against Napoleon.  The hens who organized the mutiny against Napoleon are eliminated and any sort of potential uprising is suppressed with his use of public confessions and executions to ensure that Napoleon will get his way.  In this, Napoleon suppresses any potential threat to his power.