What will men look like in the future? and What did men look like in the past?What will men look like in the future? and What did men look like in the past?

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In George Orwell’s book "1984" the people live in a controlled environment.  They have limited resources which are provided through rations from the government.  Everyday use items such as razors for shaving and cutting one's hair are distributed in limited quantity.  The people are provided their clothing and it is all the same.  Wilson, the protagonist in the story, wears a blue jumpsuit just like everyone that he knows.  He is pale and has a listless expression.  The men are no more than drones.  This effect has been orchestrated by the current government which watches its citizens constantly and responds to the slightest incidence of difference or concern about a citizen. 

People before the time were lively and attractive.  They wore clothing in different styles and colors.  Their faces were clean shaven or bearded depending on how they chose to wear it.  There was laughter and joy as they shared their ideas and created memories. 


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