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What will be the keys to success for Occupy Wall Street?

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There are a great number of ways that this could be answered and there is no consensus on this subject.  My own opinion is that Occupy Wall St will only succeed if it comes to look more like the Civil Rights Movement and less like the hippie counterculture.

What I mean by this is that OWS is not, at this point, an organized social movement with clear goals and demands.  The Civil Rights Movement was such a movement.  It had identifiable leaders and clear demands that everyone could understand.  By contrast, OWS does not have either of these things.  No one can speak for it and provide it with a clear identity.  It has no goals that people can rally behind and support through things like communications with their representatives.  Let's say I support OWS and want my representatives in Congress to do the same.  What do I say to them?  I can't urge them to support a given bill or even a given idea because OWS's ideas are so vague and so varying.

Social movements depend on mobilizing outside support to put pressure on the government for change.  Without clear leadership and clear demands, OWS will not be able to do this.  Therefore, it needs, at the very least, clear demands that could be articulated by recognized leaders if it is to succeed.

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