What will happen if we splash water in space?What will be the condition of the water; will it stretch apart?

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Technically speaking you would not be able to splash water in space.  The average temperature in deep space is about -270 degrees C.  This is only a few degrees above absolute zero.  So the water in space would be frozen solid as a mass of ice.  Still, even if we were able to somehow have a mass of liquid water in outer space, it would exist as an amorphous mass, or "blob" for lack of a better term, due to the complete lack of atmosphere and gravity.  If something were to splash or disturb the water then it would radiate outward from the direction of the disturbance in small droplets and keep moving indefinitely.  Eventually the droplets of water would spread so far apart that you would no longer have a recognizable mass of water.

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tecnically u won't be able to splash water but if u do it then it is probable that in absence of gravity it would have a spherical shape.

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