What will happen if our brain fails to work ?

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shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What will happen if a brain fails to work? It depends on which part of the brain fails to work.

  • If the cerebrum failed to work, you would lose many of the higher functions that make us human, such as reasoning ability. Depending on which lobes didn’t work, you could lose some functioning in visual processing, movement, and memory, etc.
  • If the cerebellum failed to work you would lose coordination and balance functions.
  • If the limbic system failed to work you would notice emotional changes.
  • The brain stem is the basic part of the brain. This part is found in primitive animals also.  It controls the most basic life functions such as breathing and the heartbeat. If it failed you would die.
namelesswonderer | Student

if our brain fails to work then we will be lyking on hospital bed and we will be on COMA


astrosonu | Student

I think we will die instantly.