What will happen to the energy that is produced by the sun in the long term future?

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Radiation is created from the conversion of hydrogen into helium in the Sun's core. As the Sun ages, the amount of helium deposited in the core increases and the output of solar energy becomes brighter. In around 1.1 billion years, the output of the sun will have increased by 10%, and in 3.5 billion years, it will have increased by 40% . This level of solar radiation will be powerful enough to boil the oceans on Earth, though earlier levels sill have heated Earth's water...

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In about 1 billion years, the sun will be 10% brighter because more helium is being created at the core, causing the sun to burn more hydrogen. This increases the energy output and causes the sun to be brighter.

In about 3.5 billion years, the sun will be 40% brighter. This will prevent any life on Earth because it will cause oceans to boil and ice caps to melt.

Essentially, the energy is increasing over billions of years causing the sun to lose water vapor and become dry.