What will be different about this school year for Max in Freak the Mighty? Why did Grim and Gram agree to the change?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This school year will be vastly different for Max because he will be in all of the “smart classes” instead of the lower level classes he is usually placed in because of his supposed “learning disability.” Grim and Gram have to sign special papers to allow this to happen. Max’s grandparents agree to the big change because they admit that the lower level classes do not seem to be right for Max. Further, they say that “nothing else has worked, maybe what [Max] needs is a friend.” This leads into another important reason why this school year will be different for Max: he will be helping Kevin get around the school. This is the reason why Max will now be in all the advanced level classes. Because of Kevin’s birth defect, he is unable to walk quickly to class. The solution to this problem, now that Kevin and Max are friends, is to allow Kevin to get around by riding upon Max’s shoulders. This allows the two friends to be presented as one unified character: “Freak the Mighty.”