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What will be the advantage of a national format for electronic medical records that can be shared by various organizations as needed?

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There are at least two main ways in which electronic medical records would be beneficial to the nation as a whole.

First, there are benefits to patients.  If medical records were available in electronic form, they would be available to any medical care giver who happened to be seeing a patient.  For example, imagine that a person is on a business trip and gets hurt.  Their records would be easily available to the doctors even if they were far from home.  This would ensure that the patient would get a better standard of care.  Patients might also benefit because it would be harder for mistakes to be made because of hard to read records.

Second, there would be cost benefits to the healthcare industry as a whole.  Each caregiver that a person sees would not have to maintain their own separate set of records.  This would cut down on the space needed for doctors’ offices and on the amount of labor needed in such offices.  If these costs are reduced, the price of healthcare would be reduced as well, which is something that would really benefit the country at this point in time. 

For a more thorough discussion of these benefits, please follow this link.

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