Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket Questions and Answers
by Jack Finney

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What are the wife's plans? What is Tom going to do?

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There are only two characters in "Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket," Tom Benecke and his wife Clare. She, however, is only a minor character. The author gets rid of her by sending her off to the movies so that he can focus on Tom's consciousness alone. Tom thinks about Clare when he is out on that ledge, but she does not reappear in the story. Instead, when he manages to break the window and get back into his apartment he goes off to Loew's Theater to try to find Clare in the audience. 

Clare was only planning to go to a movie which they both had wanted to see. Tom begs off because he wants to work on an important memo for work. This shows that he is a workaholic. He works at his office all day and then comes home and works by lamplight at night. His wife must feel lonely and neglected. Those were the days when women stayed home while their husbands went to their jobs. The author does not say that Clare is just a housewife, but that seems to be the case. She spends all day waiting for...

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