What would be some points from Elie Wiesel's Night to prove the lesson that silence can be dangerous?

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The concept of silence is a very important one in Night. Wiesel uses his narrative to display the dangers of silence.

Wiesel sees silence as dangerous because it allows abuse to happen. In Night, when people are silent, abuse is perpetrated.  There is a danger in being silent when we know injustice is taking place.

One instance where the dangers of silence can be seen is with Moshe the Beadle.  The Nazis deport Moshe, and he bears witness to their extraordinary cruelty.  However, he ends up surviving the ordeal.  Convinced that God spared his life so that he could tell the other people in Sighet about what he experiences, Moshe returns and tells the town what the Nazis are going to do to them if they remain in Sighet. However, Moshe is met with scorn, ridicule, and silence. People do not pay attention to him. They silence his narrative through rejection and apathy. The sad truth is that Moshe was right and people did not listen to him.  Wiesel uses the story of Moshe the Beadle to...

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