What if the whole world was genetically superior? Explain.

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This one seems a bit bizarre.  On one hand, if everyone in the world is "genetically superior," how could there be any notion of superiority?  In order for something to be superior, it has to be compared to something else.  In this light, if everyone is "superior," is this even possible?  There has to be a clearer distinction as to what "genetic superiority" means.  As stated previously, the term "genetic superiority" carries with it some fairly loaded and unlikeable connotations.  The idea of being able to tinker with natural elements in creating something that might not be consistent with the elements of a pluralistic, tolerant, and accepting social order.

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Again, you have to explain or specify a bit better what you mean by genetic superiority. However, I will assume that you mean that you are thinking of a time when everyone was smarter.

First of all, if everyone had "superior" genes, our social systems might be very different.  If we were all equal, we might have societies that were much more equal and there would be less tension between rich and poor.

Second, if everyone were superior to what we are like now, we might be able to have more technology than we now have.  We might have figured how to solve our problems.

But who knows.  We might have just figured out better ways to destroy each other and we might not be around any more.

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