What is the whole story/background on Bonnie and Clyde?

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The story of Bonnie and Clyde is one of murder, bank robbery, desperation, and the jaded relationship between journalism and sensationalism. Although they did not meet one another until 1930 when she did, she was attracted to him. That attraction combined with their common experience of a poverty strickened childhood forever joined Bonnie to Clyde. Clyde Barrow already had a criminal record by the time he met Bonnie, however most historians conclude that it was Bonnie's presense that led to the newspaper frenzy and the publics' obsession with Bonnie and Clyde. The 'escapist' culture of the depression years (the diversion of the mind to imaginative activity as an escape from ones' reality) glorified Bonnie and Clyde's criminal activity. For many people who lost everything during the depression, Bonnie and Clyde represented the 'acceptable casualities' of capitalist greed, the recklessness practices of the stock market, and a government that had lost its way. Bonnie and Clyde were not glamorous people, they were desperate people whose desperation came to an end on a lonely street May 23, 1934.

Included is a link to read Bonnie Parker's poem  The Trails End.  Check it out...her use of foreshadowing is haunting 

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