What and who is an average person?

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The answer to this would depend on a few things.

First of all, what characteristic or characteristics are you trying to measure?  If you are looking for the person who is of average height, the answer will be different than if you are looking for the average skin color.

Second, what is your population?  The average height for people in Denmark, for example, will be different from the average height of people in the Philippines.

In order to find what the average person is, you must know the answers to these questions.

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In reality, there are no average people. Every person is an individual with their own distinguishing characteristics. This makes the idea of an average person somewhat amusing.

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if we look to answer such a Q like this , first of all we should consider a systematic evaluation for mankind as a whole coz average as aword is true but as  contents it can bepsychological; apect of that person, or could be social background or degree of wisdom....etc . so a person not necessarily wise if he or she is psychologically normal .

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