What where some fashions and fads in the 1920s?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The 1920s was a period of time of new fads and fashions.  Women’s roles changed significantly.  Women began to work outside of the home.  Women wore shorter dresses, began drinking and smoking in public, and began to voice their opinions on contemporary issues.  There were many new inventions during the 1920s.  People began to use appliances like washing machines and irons that made work around the home easier.  People used frozen foods, electric razors, and disposable facial tissues. With this newly found free time, people began to attend sporting events, go to movies, and listen to music like jazz. Radios became a common household item. People listen to news reports, sporting events, and comedy shows on the radio.  People also went to illegal clubs called speakeasies to get around the prohibition laws.  Some people began to own their own cars.  

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